Financial Institutions

As an owner or executive of a financial institution, you have faced increasing regulatory burden and associated overhead since the Financial Crisis of 2008.  You have endeavored to maintain or improve margins in a market that is facing significant change due to technology and customer preferences. While the basics of taking deposits and lending money remain the same, the challenges to your business model are growing and evolving. You are faced with many questions:

  • What is this bank worth?
  • What are my best strategic options?
  • I want to sell/buy a bank; now what?
  • How do I make sure my shareholders get a fair deal?

We work alongside community banks and financial institutions across the Southeast to help them answer these important questions and create a roadmap for successful outcomes. Our professionals have experience ranging from whole-bank acquisition advisories to valuation reports, strategic plans, workout consulting and capital advisory. Let us help you chart the best path for your institution.

Practice Areas

The purpose of strategic planning is to determine the best direction for your institution and the core of that exercise is understanding what drives valuation. We help clients plan to be ready for strategic opportunities that may arise. We also can assist with distressed situations and making the most of situation where a borrower is in trouble.

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