Businesses & Professionals

We understand that business owners face significant challenges, and that they may need additional resources to help achieve their financial goals.

  • What is this company worth?
  • How can I raise capital?
  • How do I best provide a 401k/retirement plan benefit?
  • I’m running out of money … what do I do?
  • I’m ready to retire … what are my options?
  • Where do I find an expert witness?

We have served as expert witnesses at trial and bring this level of financial rigor into all the work we do for our clients. Having an advisor who has helped clients navigate the same path you are on can make your journey smoother and more successful.  Let us help you by applying our knowledge and services to meet your varying needs along the life cycle of your business.

Practice Areas

By understanding what a business is worth, we can help make it worth more. Valuation is the core discipline of helping figure out what is best for a business. When things are going well, we seek to better understand the growth opportunities so they can be capitalized on. When a company is in distress, we help determine the best options for managing the storm, and in doing so, learn best practices to share with our other clients. When there are investment decisions to be made, our investment consulting practices helps business manage their capital and meet their 401k retirement plan needs.

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